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The exact steps & energy to win high-ticket dreamboat corporate clients

These are the strategies to turn conversations into contracts for exciting, high-paying corporate projects

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Make the Impact & INCOME you desire

i am teaching you

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How to structure your sales meeting as human-to-human conversations so they never feel sleazy but win clients

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How to ask the right questions that build your know, like & trust factor in record time with your client

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What your prospect wants to hear at each stage of the process so that you never worry about saying the wrong thing

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How to position the price for your offers so that you never hear “you’re too expensive”

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How to write proposals that shorten the buying cycle

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What energy you need (and how to get it - every day) so you lead every interaction with your prospect with magnetic confidence

Go from wondering what to say to having human-to-human conversations that lead to sales

THE Key to finally converting dreamboat corporate clients without sleazy pitching or frustratingly long sales cycles

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Meet your Host...

Miriam Gilbert

Former CFO of 10-figure businesses

Big 4 Consultant with 20+ years senior corporate experience

10+ years running my own corporate consultancy - on my own unique terms

My clients & I have an average 82% conversion rate using this sytem

for the first time, I am making this system available outside of my high-ticket mastermind

Corporate business building against blue sky

What my clients have to say...

First time having full confidence in herself & her business

Finally nailed her offer & positioning

Finally found the key in the teachings - grateful for the Academy

Loving the process and the outcomes from the Academy

Calls booked with TWO agencies after just a few weeks of our work

Glad she trusted her gut

Joining Miriam’s world has been a gamechanger for my consultancy


  • The human-2-human sales conversation system

  • the complete system to high-converting cororate proposals

  • proposal templates and swipefiles

  • instant & lifetime access

  • perfect pricing - special live training

  • LIVE q&A Implementation training
  • The human-2-human sales conversation system

  • the complete system to high-converting cororate proposals

  • proposal templates and swipefiles

  • instant & lifetime access

  • perfect pricing - special live training

  • LIVE q&A Implementation training



One time payment

3 monthly payments

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pay in full ​$777



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3x months



3​x $222


What is included?

  • 20+ bitesized lessons covering the psychology, strategy & energy of ​corporate sales, corporate buying signals and buying trends for 2024/25
  • How to articulate the value of your work so that corporates cannot wait to ​buy (this shortens the sales cycle by ~30-50%)
  • Understanding corporate buyer archetypes to convert dream clients
  • Templates for your perfect corporate proposal
  • 1x LIVE training on pricing your offer perfectly - join next live round
  • 1x Q&A Call - join next live round
  • 1 Sales Questions Generator for human-2-human conversion ​conversations
  • Lifetime access to all materials & FB group with all future updates

How long do we have access?

LIFETIME. I want you to take this knowledge and win the most amazing ​corporate clients with it - now and in the future, no limits!

What if I miss a LIVE session?

If you know you cannot make a live session, send me your question and I will ​answer them in the session. Of course, there are replays of all sessions, too! ​Plus, you get access to all future live sessions so it’s impossble to miss out

How is this different to other sales or pitch trainings?

The Corporate Conversion System is not just another training. To start with, ​it's a system that goes beyond knowledge transfer and gives you all the tools ​for implementation

Secondly, it is based on true insider insights. As a former board member and ​CFO, I know exactly what goes on in the room where buying decisions are ​made AFTER the sales person has left… what the decision-makers are ​thinking, what sways them one way or the other and what are the must-do's ​and absolute no-nos for pitches!

Do I need to have my offer ready for this program?

This is NOT an offer creation program. If you want to create a high-ticket ​corporate offer that sells itself on repeat, I highly recommend you check out ​Corporate Offers That Sell, the incredible program that creates 5-figure ​corporate offers in just 1 week(instant access to all materials + take part in ​any future LIVE sessions - ask me for your special bundle link)

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Let’s convert ​clients now

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, it's the very opposite - getting results requires hard work, dedication, skill, experience and a dose of luck. I am sharing my experience with you so you can learn from it but it's in no way a a guarantee that you will get the same or similar results. I'll give you the tools but you will have to use them! Nothing on this site shall give you the impression it's a promise or guarantee of future earnings!


For all programs and masterminds, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless if you leave the program or do not complete it in the time-frame provided. There are no refunds.